Need to mount a shelf, TV or curtain rail? Whether wall or ceiling – sit back and relax. Hilfy will take care of the assembly professionally and safely.


Need to connect a lamp, socket or stove? Our Hilfy experts will be happy to take on these tasks for you – ready to use at your desired time.


Water tap dripping? Cold heating? Pipe clogged? No problem – as all-round craftsmen from and for Austria, we are only a stone’s throw away from you

Your time is valuable to us. That’s why we ensure maximum efficiency with our system:

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We will call you back from
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A Hilfy expert will come to you on your preferred date.

Only when the work is done, you pay by invoice, cash or debit card.


/ 1h
1 hour - 49€
Every 15 min - 12€
starting from the second hour
* All prices are net prices plus 20% VAT.
* The travel fee within Vienna is only 39 €

Price examples

Connect kitchen appliances
Electric stove and dishwasher need to be installed and connected
1 electrician, 1.5 hours
Cost: 89€
Eliminate pipe blockage
Drain tight? Cleaned quickly and for the long term
1 plumber, 1 hours
Cost: 79€
Our tools – Free
Attach a shelf to the wall
Create even more space – without dust and stress
1 handymen, 1 hour
Cost: 49€
Your rule, our material: 8X screws and 8x dowels: 4€
Disposal of old appliances
Broken refrigerator picked up and taken to e-waste collection.
1 handymen, 1 hour
Cost: 49€
Connect socket
6 sockets mounted
and connected
1 electrician, 1hour 15 minutes
Cost: 74€
Your materials

Why should you choose Hilfy?


We put an end to complicated and non-transparent craftsman services. Our pricing model is transparent and based on the actual time required for the respective service. Tax and travel are included. Materials can be purchased at fair prices from your Hilfy-experts.


You certainly know the situation: The craftsman has been ordered, the day of the appointment has arrived – but the craftsman is not on site. Rest assured – Hilfy’s all-round handymen reliably keep their appointments.

All-round service

Hilfy covers electrical, gas, plumbing and heating repairs and any type of residential handyman work.


Hilfy puts an end to offers with long lead times. You can address your request to us within 3 minutes. Our craftsman is ready to work immediately and will come at your desired time – today, tomorrow, or even next week.


Each of our permanent Hilfy experts is a certified, experienced, state-of-the-art craftsman. Before your appointment, we will send you information and a photo of your craftsman.


Dirty shoes, mess in the apartment and leftovers from work do not exist with us. Our all-round craftsmen wear gentle overshoes on their shoes and tidy up before they leave the apartment.

At Hilfy, we not only place great importance on first-class service and quality, but also on your health and ours. The corona pandemic is a great challenge for all of us. That is why we adhere to hygiene measures to protect you and our employees.

It goes without saying that our all-rounders wear mouth and nose covering during their visit to you. We equip our employees with appropriate masks.

Our craftsmen have to confirm that they feel healthy every day.


Our Hilfy experts are among the best all-round craftsmen in Austria. We always send only our own employees to you, who are experienced, friendly and professional.

What else makes us stand out?

All-round service: Hilfy covers electrical, gas, plumbing, heating and any type of residential handyman repair.

Fast: Request a craftsman within 3 minutes. You decide on the date. It doesn’t matter if it’s today, tomorrow or next week – we’re ready for you immediately.

– Easy: We like to call ourselves a shop on wheels shop on wheels. We bring materials and tools with us. If everything is already available, we use your materials.

Reliable: Reliability and punctuality are our top priorities. We stick to deadlines and carry out the work as quickly as possible.

Our pricing model is as transparent as it gets. Prices are based on actual time required for each service. Tax and travel are not included.

Allround service: 1st hour 49€. From the 2nd hour we charge 12€ per 15 minutes or part thereof.

Electric: 1st hour 59€. From the 2nd hour only 15€ per 15 minutes or part thereof.

Plumbing and heating: 1st hour 79€. From the 2nd hour only 20€ per 15 minutes or part thereof.

All prices are net prices plus 20% VAT. The travel fee within Vienna is only 39 €.

We carry out repairs of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if it’s electrical work, work in the field of heating, gas, plumbing or assembly. We connect your stove, vent your heating, close the leak at the faucet and assemble your cabinets and shelves – we are all-round craftsmen. We also take care of the disposal of bulky waste and electrical appliances for you.

Our craftsmen are ready to work for you immediately. You would rather have an appointment in a few days? No problem – just let us know your preferred date via the form or by phone.

We determine the duration of the repair in a telephone call with you. One of our employees estimates the damage professionally and informs you directly about the required working time and thus the costs. This way you can reliably plan with us. 

Our workshop on wheels is on the road within Vienna and the surrounding area, as well as in Graz and the surrounding area.

Our all-rounders use only certified and professional materials from reliable European manufacturers. We provide a 3-month warranty on our work – because quality and proper execution is our priority.

If you are not sure about the damage, no problem. Our employee will look at the damage on site and give you a professional estimate directly, how long the repair will take and what it will cost. After your confirmation, he will perform the repair directly.

Yes. You will receive an invoice from us by email after the order. This is accepted by the insurance companies.

You can pay directly on site by invoice, cash or through a bank terminal that our craftsman will bring. In any case, you pay only after the work is done and you are satisfied with it. Subsequently, you will receive an invoice by e-mail.

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